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Our Story

As It Should Be started as the solution to a problem.

As a medical professional, I constantly wash my hands with harsh chemicals. Years of doing this left me with clean, yet dry, peeling and irritated hands. I tried countless lotions, creams, and petroleum jelly combinations, but nothing seemed to work. I would put the product on, and in less than 20 minutes, I would need to reapply it. I began doing research and discovered that many of the products I have used were not only full of toxic chemicals, but also contained ingredients that increase drying! Armed with this information, I began my search for a better product~ only to find that it didn't exist. I came to the conclusion that the best way to solve my own problem was with my own solution; I would have to create my own product.

I researched high-grade, non-toxic ingredients that would moisturize, repair, and resolve my chronic dry skin issues. After trying multiple combinations of ingredients, I finally found the perfect balance: a product with the consistency of butter that was thick, but non-greasy; luxurious, yet light; and moisturizing , yet could be easily absorbed. I fell in love. 

 One day, during a chat with a good friend, she began to express how dry and itchy her skin was and asked about what products I used. I told her about my homemade product, and offered to give her a jar. After two days of using it, she called me to say how amazed she was with it and asked for more! She began telling her friends, and in what felt like a flash, friends, family members, and coworkers were placing their own orders. This is how the body products & lip balms we know you'll come to love were born. Made with high-quality, natural products in their purest form. Free from chemicals, fillers, and toxins: As It Should Be!


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